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New Soulful Releases Featured On The Shows This Week

Raya Nee the new R&B single Love In A Groove released Oct 2021
Candace Woodson The New Single All-It-Takes (Rob Heart Mix) released October 2021
Eugene Cole new single Why Are You Holding Back Ft.-Felton Pilate [Nigel-Lowis-Groove-Remix]
Jody Watley with Alex-Di Cio New Single Not a Single Day Goes By
The Whispers New Single It's Been Too Long Released October 2021
Tribute To Barry White from The Journal new single Ecstasy Released October 2021

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Soulful Etiquette Radio ShowSunday 24th October 2021
Play List 24th October 2021

Soulful Etiquette Radio Show Play List for 24th October 2021


Soulful Etiquette Radio ShowTuesday 04th May 2021


Soulful Etiquette Radio ShowThursday 06th May 2021

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